I’ve Lost A Loved One

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We wish to thank you once again for all your help with the service for our twins. Your compassion and responsiveness during the planning, and the kind words you spoke on the day helped us significantly during a very difficult time for Paul and I.


A big thank you to you and your team for your support, care and attention to detail in a ‘no fuss’ supportive manner. We are all so happy about Dad’s funeral day. Our celebration at home in the evening was also a special tribute to Dad.
We felt prepared and supported by your team and we have some very special, fond memories of the day. Thanks to you and your team.

Mary Jo

Your whole approach was just perfect. We all appreciated the sensitive manner with which you managed the ceremony. Again, thank you.

Edna, Sue, and John

On behalf of the family we would like to thank you and your staff for your kindness & compassion following the death of Robert.
You made a difficult day so much easier for mum and you looked after her so well, The service was just as we hoped & conducted in a very professional manner.
Once again we thank you for your care & consideration.


I just wanted to pass on my thanks again for being so accommodating with our wishes and doing such a lovely service for my dad’s funeral.
We had such great comments on how lovely the service was and how fabulous the celebrant Bruce was.
We were so pleased with how it went. Thank you again.